10 reasons Not to Quit Your Exercise Routine



Working out is and should be a challenge! Nothing about losing weight is easy; especially if you haven’t been taking care of yourself already. It’s an uphill battle that can cause you to start and stop a fitness routine as much as you do your car while driving in traffic. But let’s face the hard facts about weight gain folks: according to the AHA about 60% of the U.S. population will be obese by 2030.

That means that 6 out of 10 people will run an increased risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke, or developing diabetes. Alarming still, is that new cases of cancer are increasing each year, and some of which are attributed to weigh gain. With that in mind, everyone should be participating in some form of exercise or activity that helps to either lose or maintain their weight.

So if you’re not, I’ve got 10 reasons you need to stay with your fitness routine and not give up, just because progress is slowwww! Get started on a plan now…and stay with it!

  1. You owe it to yourself. Let’s face it; you can do a whole lot more when you weigh less. Fatigue, lethargy and stiff muscles can all be attributed to carrying excess weight.
  2. You owe it to your loved ones. Your family wants to see you turn old and grey in the natural progression of the life cycle. No one wants to bury another family member. So make sure that if you leave this world, it’s not by your own demise. exercise on ball
  3. You feel better. Studies show that exercise helps to release a chemical in the brain called Dopamine. This little guy helps with spiking the feeling of happiness. In general. That means the more you exercise, the happier you’ll be.
  4. You’ll be contributing to the planet. Earth is already overcrowded. The least you could do it make the load it has to carry a little less. Help a planet out, man!!!
  5. You improve your sex life. Being overweight can kill your libido (your internal desire for sex). The less you want. The less you get. Shedding a few pounds can easily jump-start things again between you and your mate.Female with weights, working out.
  6. You’ll save your joints. Disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can develop over time and even more so when you carry excess weight. Each step you take puts three times your body weight on each lower extremity joint. Over time, this wears out the cartilage. Do your body a favor and lighten the load. Joint replacement surgeries are both expensive and painful. I know: I’m a physical therapist and I see at least double digit patients each year following surgical interventions.
  7. You increase your self-esteem. Not only because you’ll look better but because you’ll gain a sense of pride once you’ve lost the weight. Setting and obtaining goals in life is a reward in and of itself. Tip: set mild goals first. Take small steps and then start running!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  8. You’ll sleep better. Studies suggest that there’s a correlation between weight and sleep. In general, children and adults who get too little sleep tend to weigh more than those who get enough sleep. The problem becomes cyclical after a while because overweight individuals are too tired to exercise, and people who are too tired exercise less. The overall result: not fitness goals met and no routines maintained.
  9. You’ll help your wallet…in the long run. Not only do you save money by eating out less (most health and exercise prescriptions suggest cooking more) but you’ll be in better health. That means less trips to the doctor, less medications you’ll take and less surgical interventions will be needed. Insurance companies will love you more too!
  10. Finally! You’ll live longer. Don’t you want to see how all THIS ends one day? I want to. Can’t do that in the grave. Well, I’m sure you’ll see it somehow. But for me, personally, I’d like to stand and take it all in. Wasting precious time crawling out of the grave could deny you some serious viewing time. The world as we know it won’t last forever. But at least you can try to!shontel exercizsing

That’s all for now! Come on over to my website www.braxtoncosby.com for more. Be safe until next time.