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10 reasons Not to Quit Your Exercise Routine

  Working out is and should be a challenge! Nothing about losing weight is easy; especially if you haven’t been taking care of yourself already. It’s an uphill battle that can cause you to start and stop a fitness routine as much as you do your car while driving in traffic. But let’s face the […]

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My Three Arm-Ripping Exercises

I know we all would love to have guns for days, meaning, arms of steel that can crack walnuts. And to keep it real, it’s hard as heck to build muscle in the arms anywhere near some of your favorite sports heroes and top models out there without some serious hard work, And even then, […]

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LitPick Interview

I had a great time sitting down for an interview with the great folks over at LitPick. They do an amazing job of encouraging young folks to read and it was my pleasure to part-take in an “Extra Credit” interview with them. Cheek out some of the highlights in below and then zoom over to […]

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Get Lean With Protein!

Wanna Get Fit? I give you the skinny on my top 5 Protein sources! So you’ve been killing it in the weight room and drudging through cardio week after week, but you’re not coming any closer to reaching your fitness goals. You’ve cut down your caloric intake and you’re eating 5-8 times a day, just […]

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