Hard-Core Sci-fi That Cannot Be Missed

Pierce Brown pens a winner in this sci-fi gem of a story. Scripted as a trilogy, Red Rising is the first books and what I really loved about it was the fierce nature of the book. It took me by surprise because I wasn’t expecting his type of writing from a crossover YA/Sci fi novel. But it worked extremely well, taking me back to the first time I saw the movie Total Recall. The landscape is beautifully illustrated and I truly felt like I was immediately pulled into the world of Mars. The action is intense and graphic. If you have a weak stomach or really don’t like violence, just put this bad boy down and move on. The savagery makes Hunger Games look like a Disney flick. I was listening to the audiobook, and many times felt myself cringing at the narrator’s next words. Well written and constructed, the storyline flows extremely well. The only criticism I had, was that when the teens had an open competition to earn the right to be selected from the higher Gold’s, (I don’t want to elaborate too much and give the story away) it did drag a bit. Probably could have been wraped up a little quicker. But other than that, Darrow is a compelling character who goes through quite a bit early on in the book, which is the catalyst that turns him into the “Red Savior.” His transition sequence is breathtaking. You’ll easily be drawn in and root for him. He is 16 years old and although the book really crosses two genres because of it, I found it to be more appreciated by an older audience. YA and NA for sure. I’m currently reading Golden Son now, and wil have my review for that one soon.