Review of Summer Movies

the-avengers-the-avengers-30713187-1920-1200With the passing of summer almost officially official, I have to resolve to recalling the past summer of movies and move on the fall flicks pretty soon. With that being said, Three movies stand out from the crowd that I must recommend to moviegoers everywhere. Funny thing is, they are all super-hero movies. These movies used to really be a pile a “crapolla” back in the day, but Hollywood has finally caught on to the notion that you can make a good super-hero movie with special effects, love interests, and action, without sacrificing plot lines. Let’s face it, the reboots and rehashes of the familiar good against evil themes are wearing paper-thin, sending Hollywood scrambling for substance. After the checks have now be cut, one to many times, they get it. The best stories rest in the hands of readers in the form of comics and literature.

Therefore, we (moviegoers) are being treated with a good mix of flash and substance. The three movies I applaud this summer for getting it right are: 1.) The Avengers, 2.) Batman- The Dark Knight Rises, and 3.) The Amazing Spiderman. The Avengers was my absolute favorite because I straight out love Josh Whedon’s writing (Buffy, Firefly, and Angel fame). The Avengers was no exceptions! Great punch lines, memorable villains and plucky heroes rounded out a classic mega-summer blockbuster. Batman, albeit fantastic, just couldn’t match up to the jugernautlike eye-candy of the Hulk and Ironman. Loved what Nolan did with the series and I’m inspired to think that the format will be (should be) copied in upcoming sequels. (fingers crossed for The Man of Steel). Finally, Spiderman. Wow!. I was shocked that it was actually good. I finally dragged myself to the theater to see it earlier this month while I was in London. I just didn’t want to see rehash of Spidey’s origin story. But thankfully, it was executed in such a way that it did not detract from the new tale. I was very impressed with the new Peter Parker and will be anxiously awaiting where the series goes from here.

That’s all for now, hope you all get a chance to catch up on these three films. I don’t think you’ll regret it. Take care.