Hello everyone, and thank you for stopping by. The mere fact that you were curious enough to come to the site, means that something inside of you is beckoning to be released and make you the VICTOR you need to be. You no longer need to subscribe to the ideals of a VICTIM.



And that’s what the 30 Day Heath Challenge is all about: Transitioning To The Winner’s Circle.

Over 30 Days spanning from January 5th to February 4th, 2016, I will be helping you get the jump-start you need to take back control of your life. This isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about adopting a new mindset as it pertains to your overall health and wellness concerning the mind, spirit and body. There needs to be a WHOLENESS approach to loving yourself. And it starts right here. Each day I will be posting pics, videos, fitness/exercise tips, and answering your health questions (one lucky winner per day). All you have to do is follow these steps below:

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2.Purchase a copy of my new health book, FAT FREE FOR LIFE from the link below:


3.Weigh yourself and post a pic on social media (tag me)

4.Ask me any health related question.

The two people that make the biggest changes (most weight and greatest BMI percentage) will win an autographed copy of my book (share the one you purchased) and a case of HydroOne Premium Beverages.  That’s it. Follow my lead as I use the 13 Principles of FAT FREE FOR LIFE as our guide. My experience as a clinician, trainer, nutritionist and athlete have all come together to craft the ultimate guide to helping people break the cycles of defeat that keep them from achieving all that God has for you. Let’s get it right for 2016!