Braxton_C wall
There’s a Reason The Wall is There!

It’s to make you curious. What could be on the other side?
It’s to make you hungry. How satisfying can it be to overcome it?
It’s to make you humble. Appreciate what you have on this side.
It’s to make you dream. This keeps you inspired.
It’s to make you stronger. Climbing to strengthen the weak points.
It’s to make you focus. What’s the goal?
It’s to make you trust. Only God knows what’s on the other side.
It’s to make you laugh. Your shortcomings give add character.
It’s to help you determined. You will get there if you don’t quit.
It’s to direct you. The only way to go is up.
It’s to feed you. Take in only the positive things that will help you get over.
It’s to build you. Your drive to get through anything has to be bigger than your fear of losing.
It’s to make you remember. The struggle you went thru to make it over.
It’s to make you grateful. Give God the glory the moment you land on solid ground once you get over!