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****AMAZING NEWS**** Hello fellow readers. I’m so excited and humbled. My latest review for #Supernova Book 2 of The #StarCrossed Saga is out and it received 5 stars from Readers Favorite, which automatically makes a a finalist for book of the year for #Scifi Romance. Check it out.



Thank you for stopping again by for this special Guest Author Host. Last week I introduced the fem-trio team of K. Makansi and their smash hit novel The Sowing , from the Sci-Fi/Dystopian series The Seeds Trilogy. This week I’m back to share a little bit about the next book in the trilogy, The Reaping. Check it out below and follow their links for even more information on them an heir works. I will have more next week.

the reaping


Remy Alexander wants justice. After narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Sector only to watch her world burn around her, she will defy everyone to find her revenge.

Valerian Orlean wants truth. After learning what evils the Sector is truly capable of, he must confront his past in order to create a better future.

In a world where deadly secrets lurk around every corner, and the food you eat can enlighten or enslave you, Remy and Vale must walk the line between hope and hate, love and loss, violence and vengeance, in order to unite – or destroy – their world.

THE REAPING, the second book in the Seeds trilogy, will thrust the Resistance into the spotlight as the Okarian Sector publicly brands them as traitors and terrorists. As Remy struggles to find herself in a world where revenge has become her raison d’etre, and Vale tries to make sense of who he is despite his identity as an Orlean, the two are forced to fight together against enemies more deadly than they ever could have imagined. As they venture through the Wilds, onto a Farm, and deep into the Sector’s dangerous No-Go zones, they will find the path to truth or they will die in the attempt.”


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Thank you for stopping by for this special Guest Author Host. These talented three ladies make up the pen name K. Makansi and have created a Sci-Fi/Dystopian series The Seeds Trilogy. Today, I introduce to you The Sowing Book 1 of the Trilogy. Check it out below and follow their links for even more information on them an heir works. I will have more next week.

the sowing

Remy Alexander wants vengeance. When she and her friends discover a clue that could help reveal the truth behind the massacre that claimed her sister’s life, she may finally get her chance.
Valerian Orlean wants answers. Why the girl he was in love with disappeared three years ago. Why she joined the Resistance – a covert organization sworn to destroy everything he believes in. When he is appointed to lead a government program whose mission is to hunt and destroy the Resistance, he may finally find his answers – and Remy.
In a world where the powerful kill to keep their secrets, and the food you eat can change who you are, Remy and Vale are set on a collision course that could bring everyone together – or tear everything apart.
In this science-fiction dystopia, the mother-daughter writing team of Kristina, Amira, and Elena Makansi immerse readers in the post-apocalyptic world of the Okarian Sector, where romance, friendship, adventure, and betrayal will decide the fate of a budding nation.

Chosen as a Compulsion Reads “Irresistible Collection” book.

Here’s what they had to say: “The Sowing is a brilliant adventure where war is as much about brain and brawn. The action doesn’t stop for a single minute. I think I sprained my finger swiping my Kindle so vigorously trying to get to the next page. Yeah, it’s that good.” – Compulsion Reads

author face

Kristina Blank Makansi – Born and raised in Southern Illinois, Kristina has a B.A. in Government from University of Texas at Austin and a M.A.T. from the College of New Jersey and an opinion on everything. She has worked as a copywriter, marketing coordinator, web and collateral designer, editor, and publisher. In 2010, she co-founded Blank Slate Press, an award-winning small press focusing on debut authors in the greater St. Louis area, and in 2013, she co-founded Treehouse Publishing Group, an author services and assisted-publishing partnership. She firmly believes that traditional genre boundaries should not apply to great writing. In addition to The Seeds Trilogy, she has written an historical mystery, Oracles of Delphi, set in ancient Greece.

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Amira K. Makansi – Amira graduated with honors in three years from the University of Chicago. She earned a BA in History and was a team leader and officer for UChicago Mock Trial. She has served as an assistant editor and has read and evaluated Blank Slate Press submissions since the press was founded. She is an avid reader and blogger who also has a passion for food, wine, and photography. She has worked at various wineries in Oregon and France and is approaching fluency in French. Along with working part-time for BSP, she currently works as a lab tech at a winery in California. In addition to The Seeds Trilogy, she reviews books and blogs about writing, food and wine at The Z-axis.

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Elena K. Makansi – Elena graduated from Oberlin College where she studied Environmental Studies especially as it relates to her passion–food justice. She’s also studied studio art and drawing and has had her work featured in several college publications. While in high school, she won numerous writing and poetry awards, was awarded a scholarship to attend the Washington University Summer Writing Institute and attended the Iowa Young Writers Studio. She also won a scholarship to represent her Amideast cohort as the “resident” blogger during her study abroad in Amman, Jordan. She and Amira backpacked through Europe together and share a passion for cooking, baking–and, yes, eating. Elena maintains a Tumblr and a blog, Citizen Fiddlehead, about food and other topics.

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What People Are Saying About Supernova

Supernova Front Cover



“Braxton Cosby continues to impress me with rich world building and intrigue. He really knows how to tell a compelling story with well-developed characters…You don’t want to miss out, so grab a copy now!”Tamar Hela

“Braxton Cosby has kept the action and thrill of this book at a thrilling pace….There is enough suspense within these pages to keep you turning non-stop. Can’t wait to read the next one.” Sandra Stiles

“…truly…engaging.” – LitPick Teen Reviewer



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