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Interview with award winning author Braxton Cosby

Here is a snippet of my latest interview with blogger Kara Piazza on her site The Writing Piazza. Read the piece below and then click on the link for the entire interview.

Welcome to another #Fridayguestinterview. These guest interviews are so fun and such an incredible experience for me, I hope you all are enjoying them as much as I am. This week I have another incredibly talented author joining me for our gest interview. Welcome,

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Braxton Cosby


It’s such an honor having you here as a guest on The Writing Piazza. If you could start by telling my readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Braxton A. Cosby and I am from Atlanta, Ga. I was born in California, but lived in Miami, FL for most of my life until relocating to ATL. I primarily work as a Physical Therapist by day, and pursue my writing career by night. I started writing back in 2010, and penned my first novel Protostar back then. Since that time, Protostar has gone through two editions and will be finally released as a Deluxe Edition in June of this year, close to the release of the sequel, Supernova.

The Writing Piazza:
Oh, Physical Therapy sounds like a tough but rewarding job. Many of my fellow writers have to maintain a “day job” along with their writing. Ah, the things we do for our art.

To be a writer is often a great sacrifice. You really have to want it. Making time to write amidst all the other things begging for our attention can be difficult. But you’ve done it! You’ve written multiple books, can you tell us a bit about them?

I’ve written several books since 2010, and even co-authored a couple with celebrities Bill Hughes (designer for the original Star Wars series), award-winning musician Mike Clemons and Olympian Gail Devers. But my love comes from the YA books I’ve published, The Sect: The Windgate (Book 1 of The School of Ministry Series) and Protostar (Book 1 of The Star-Crossed Saga). Protostar and The Sect, center on the themes of choice, and how our decision round out our destiny.