The Croods- Movie Review


WOW! Time to start the Summer Movies. I know, maybe not officially, but what a way to start the blockbuster films of 2013. I really liked The Croods, let me say loved this film. It is the ultimate family film. The plotline, which I will not spoil for you if you have yet to see it, is a lot more involved than I expected from the commercials. Predictable, maybe. But only in the man vs. nature kind of way. What rests beneath the surface of an otherwise kid animation film, is the heart of gold. The importance of the relationships within the family structure is on display here folks. Especially one that is near and dear to my heart. (I won’t spoil it) Anyway, beyond the story, the special effects and sound are a delight. Pretty soon we will no longer need real actors for these pictures. I found myself re-adjusting my eyes every now and then to make sure that they didn’t use real photos to make some of the imagery before me. Plants, animal fur, water, dust, and fire all come to life. I really felt like I had been teleported back to the stone ages. The voice acting was on par as well. Ryan Reynolds, Nicola Cage and Emma Stone lent their talents to the film and there wasn’t any mushy singing that’s thrown in just for filler that usually slows these films down in my opinion. The writers stay focused on keeping you involved in the plights of being a family in the caveman era. And they did a superb job doing it. No profanity, no in appropriate jokes and no blood. I give The Croods an 8/10 for good family fun.